Does Wine Make You Fat?

does wine make me fat

Does drinking wine make you fat?  This is a burning question for me and my wine-loving friends. 

There is quite a bit of conflicting information regarding this topic but one thing is certain, having one (let me repeat myself just to be sure you understand me – just one) glass of wine per day is NOT going to make you gain weight.   However, you may want to consider the following if you are trying to LOSE weight.

Wine has 7 calories per gram.  Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories.  So, first of all we can see that wine is fairly high in calories and doesn’t satiate us and make us feel full the way food does.  Wine actually increases our appetite.  This is bad news if you are like me and love to have a glass of wine while you cook.  We can set ourselves up for failure in our attempts to lose weight if we drink wine while cooking.  It can passively increase our caloric intake as we mindlessly graze or overeat during our meal. 

When we drink wine, our body stops the fat-burning and calorie-burning processes and focuses on metabolizing the alcohol.  Our bodies have to work hard to assimilate alcohol which is why it actually increases our metabolism.  But we cannot depend on this effect to burn all the extra calories consumed when we drink wine.  If we are looking to maintain or decrease our weight, one glass of dry wine per day (for women, two for men) is the key.   The findings from the December 2005 BMC Public Health analysis showed that people who had four or more drinks per day, along with binge drinkers — those who may not drink every day but drink heavily on regular occasions — were significantly more likely to become obese.

So, savour that one glass of wine!

You may want to check out this cool Wine Calorie Chart and see how your favourite type of wine measures up!  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Does Wine Make You Fat?

    • Natasha Cicciarella says:

      Hey Deb! I know. But you can still enjoy a glass everyday. And considering you don’t indulge in sweets or junk food, occasionally indulging in a little more wine won’t make you fat 🙂 Besides – you look great!!!


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